Why me, why now?

Pop quiz; what words do you think of when you hear the words "social media marketing", or "social media strategy"? Overwhelm? Panic? Total confusion? Information overload?


Suddenly you see yourself frantically trying to write up that witty caption,  or downloading ANOTHER freebie with the latest tips. If this sounds familiar,  I am the chica for you. 

You want the growth of your online presence to align with your business goals. You want clarity on what to do on your channels.

You have tested and tried several strategies...but they just aren't cutting it. Maybe you CAN do it all...but why should you have to?

Having an expert on your team can truly change the game...but what makes ME different to the rest?






This is a 1:1 coaching programme that is split up into small video calls over the course of either 5 or 10 weeks (depending on what package you choose), and is for small service based businesses that need to kick start, or redefine their social media game.

Calls include campaign building, content brainstorming, looking into personal branding, refining your activity and teaching reusable methods to create content after the programme.

You will leave feeling confident, empowered and clear on what you need to be doing on social media for your small business. I will walk through campaign building, content creation, strategy and language. All information and templates can be reused to create consistent content.


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Bude, Cornwall, UK



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