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the only marketing workbook you need.

Introducing The Snazzy Strategy Workbook

The one stop shop for any business owner, product or service, that is ready to grow their business online. 

This workbook is an opportunity to check in with the bones of your business, to understand the strategy, your audience and your core values so you can plan and create content that is effective and brings the results that you want (as well as saving SO much time in the process). 

Jam packed with templates, question prompts and printables - there is no filler text in this. It's full to the brim of thought provoking questions that let's you truly map out your online presence.

what's included?

- The core concepts of your business, with a questions worksheet. 
- Mission & vision statement templates. 
- Ideal client research, with questions worksheets. 
- Pain points vs solution roadmap.
- Your messaging, with questions worksheets.
- How to communicate your magic.
- Your client's journey.
- The A.I.D.A Model, with questions to map out your client's journey. 
- Channel audit.
- Your content. 
5 x printable summary pages.


30 days of content ideas. 
4 x content planning templates.


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