How I Plan A Month's Worth Of Content In One Sitting

Having an entire month's worth of digital marketing content, locked and loaded for your business saves you SO. MUCH. TIME.

Committing a small amount of time each month to prepare your entire online presence for the following month means that when life get's in the way, or things happen in your business that take your energy away from creating content, you have this incredible plan with the strategy behind it to fall back on.

In this week's video I share my process from conception of this content, all the way through to the entire plan.

From the process of brainstorming ideas, all the way through to creating long form or "hero" pieces of content (my Youtube videos), through to smaller Instagram posts, carousels and reels.

If you want insight on how I go from this process of planning, to the CREATION of the content, be sure to comment on Youtube video above. It really helps me know that this content is resonating with you, and I would be happy to share my process in order to save you time in your business.

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