Hi! I'm Lou.

I help passionate business owners tell their story and sell on social media. 

I want to bust the myth that you need 10,000 Instagram followers or an email list of 5,000 in order to be successful online. Getting clear on your ideal client, how to talk to them and what content they will go crazy for is what it's all about! It is possible to make a profitable online business even with a smaller audience, and without being glued to your phone for 12 hours a day.


let's do this 90's magazine style...


I work with service based business owners, that are normally a one (wo)man show. They are passionate about their values and their mission, but they are struggling to communicate that online, from the strategy to the content.


- On paper wins for clients, with direct impact on their sales and online growth.

- First class degree in Business Management & Marketing from the University of Exeter. 

- History of doubling social account followings with just one post. 

- Portfolio of amazing clientsfrom over 15 different service based industries. 

- Awarded little miss chatterbox in my Year 6 end of year awards (I am most proud of this).